Leader 2


Price: 4300 $

"To all who search for distinction in the field of detection and mining about metals, treasures and antiques"

We designed this tester with high quality technique enables it to work in all different environmental circumstances and monitoring the required goals, its discovery is not only for gold but it explore other nine metals of the most important metals that any explorer looking for.

The invention of this device done to be in the front of the discovery detectors for metals, treasures and antiques in the bottom of the earth.

Many years have been passed from experiments and tests in research fields until this genius device has been produced (Leader П) which joined to the Infiniti Group devices, this group depends on high sensitive towards metals, treasures and monuments in the bottom of the earth.

The idea of the device:

A new modern and civilized technology has been used in this device which is the phenomena of radiation survey on the theories in our modern global programs group innovated in our Factories in U.S.A.

The device sends its sensitive radiation signals toward the desired goals as it monitors its location and guide to its right track reaching to the original center, the device determines the center for the explored goals and measures its depth, size under the earth with precise accurate.

Its role in the exploratory process is huge although the small size of this device but it has several discoveries for metals that makes it limited with great ability and many advantages.

The Leader П leads to great sightseeing and the world of wealth without any exhaustion or difficulty thanks to the big development which done upon it and give it the power, solidity and work with pioneer performance. 

Features and Characteristics:

1.Lightweight, and easy to deal with it without any complications.

2.Easy to use as the device distinguish with flexibility at work.

3.The device locates the place and depth of the targets, treasures and buried very accurately.

4.The device ability to differentiate between different metals (each metal apart).

5.The device radiation survey feature large areas in few minutes.

6.This tester can work in all different kinds of soil and gives splendid results.

7.The device has an electronic crystal screen shows video analysis for the target to the explorer in a very accurate precise way of finding the targets.

8.The device works in a safe and secret exploratory field as it does not affect with any outside influences or cause any disruption on the wire or wireless communication devices.

9.The device works with absolute power and complete effectiveness by sending and receiving exploratory signals in soil, air and water. The device does not affect with any kind of environment and earth topographies.

The technical Standards:

1.The exploratory depth is 16m under the earth surface.

2.Extend the front range of the device is 1500m/sq.

3.This strange machine discovers the following metals each one apart (gold, silver, diamond, cooper, bronze, aluminum, platinum and iron).

4.This device is provided with sensitive unit works to strength the signal to help in detection far goals and eliminate unwanted signals.

5.Works with 12 volt battery.

6.The battery works from 8 to 10 hours continuously.

7.The device includes high quality specifications and unique technical and technological qualifications and consists of many features which surprise you when you own it.

The device components:

1.The main unit consists of the controller keys.

2.Electronic digital screen.

3.Transmission signal unit.

4.Electronic receiving unit for signals.

5.Arabic and English catalog.

6.International insurance for one year.

7.Educational CD.

8.Aluminum bag to protect the device from inside.