Price: 7500 $

This device has a good international certificate in mining and exploring for the famous metals

Thunder is the first scanners and detectors of what is hidden undergroundsuch as metal, treasures, monuments and valuable buried.

This device has been called with that name according to its extreme power in penetrating the mountains and examines it preciously without any exhaustion, boring or experience in using. Just with a little touch the mountains conqueror will guide you to the treasures, monuments and different wealth locations without any hardship it cut the doubt with certainty in the exploratory process as there is no mistakes with the Thunder Device.

Features and characteristics:

1. The device works in all kinds of different soil.

2. The Device determines the exact depth and the center of the target

3. Easy to use  and work without any need for experiences.

4. The device measures the target size of the explored target inside the earth.

5. The weight is light which makes the exploration process very easy

6. the device give sound alerts 

7. The device gives light indicators to assure the existence of the target and mark it.

8. The device explores the target direction and gives the right track to reach to the explored target.

9. The device contains an electronic pistol to discover the energy line (The target track and its center).

10. The device distinguished with containing guidance visible indicators towards the target preciously and directly.

11. The device works in all seasons, in all day and night times, in different earth topography and in all weather conditions as it is programmed to work efficiently in all kinds of environment.

12. The device does not influenced by any fire, volcanic and basaltic rocks as it also works with very power and accuracy in mountains, valleys, hard rock’s area and very rugged ones.

13. The device penetrates effectively all the ground layers and borders which consist all kinds of topography and control the monitoring of golden goals in a very vast area.

14. The device works with a magnificent exploratory system in all areas, field and historical cities; it also has a unique feature in exploring the buried goals in wall, aqueducts, castles and stony safes.

Technical characteristics :

1. The device explore all of these metals wish is: (gold, silver, diamond, corundum, caves or the red wood).

2. The device search and scan the front distances with a circle form in all directions for 6 km sq.

3. it can find the exact place of the target’s depth

4. The device works in a safe and secret exploratory field as it does not affect with any outside influences or cause any disruption on the wire or wireless communication devices.

5. The device works with absolute power and complete effectiveness by sending and receiving exploratory signals in soil, air and water.

6. The device includes high quality specifications, unique technical, technological qualifications and consists of many features which surprise you when you own it.

The device components:

1. The main unit consist of :

· the targets control components

·  The controller key in the device sensitivity.

·  A key for controlling the research range (restricted area – vast area).

2. A reception unit (Digital) very sensitive.

3. A digital electronic antenna.

4. The battery is 12 volt.

5. The battery works from 4 hours to 6 hours continuous.

6. Arabic and English catalog.

7. Educational CD.

8. International insurance for a year.

9. Aluminum bag anti-water and shocks to protect the device.