Price: 5999 $

The top of scientific technology and the plenty experience in the exploratory techniques was behind the development of this superior device to show in this modern developed version which found in the Copra XLT Device.
The flexibility that grantee by the device to the explorer makes you enjoy the treasures and the required locations without boring or exhaustion because you will believe that you are able to do the impossible with that device, as it assures to everyone uses it that there is no way to waste any valuable target at all during its presence.
The device works with quick speed and absolute light with stable in performance and surveys the lands in a few minutes, walks towards the programmed target, determines its place and measures its existence depth.
The device has a fantastic quality which is discovering five main wanted metals for each explorer in the detection.          
The idea of the device:
Modern and advanced technology existing in the device which depends on the certified geological survey theory in our factories, the device sends double emissions radiation to expect the targets locations and determine it.
The device indicators directed to it immediately to determine the goal location and also its size, depth in a very accurate and precise way.
This device grantee great increase in the sensitive degree makes it feel the targets with an unique way from very far, It is enjoyable in its work as it is capable of explore very small target with one thousand meter far in at least three minutes.
We invite you to try this device with the suitable way that you see it before buying it and recognize its fantastic qualities.

Features and Specifications:

1. The device operates all types of the soil.
2. The device doesn't influence with any climatic conditions.
3. Lightness and absolute flexibility during using the device.
4. The device manufactured with a complete electronic system and works with the touched key.
5. The device gives light indicators to assure the existence of a target and mark it.
6. The device shows in its electronic board the target, its image, type, size and depth.
7. The device is distinguished with having visible guidance indicators towards the target directly and precisely.
8. Ease and simplicity of using the device and capacity on dealing with it without any complexities.
9. This device is provided with sensitive unit works to strength the signal to help in detection far goals and eliminate unwanted signals.
10. The device works in a safe and secret exploratory field as it does not affect with any outside influences or cause any disruption on the wire or wireless communication devices.
11. The device works with absolute power and complete effectiveness by sending and receiving exploratory signals in soil, air and water. The device does not affect with any kind of environment and earth topographies.

The technical Standards:

1. This machine explores depths reached to 30m.
2. The exploratory for Front Range is for far distances reached to 3km sq.
3. The device explores each metal apart (gold, silver, diamond, platinum and caves).
4. Thanks to the modern technology existing in the device, it is designed to cover vast areas from the regions of searching operations.
5. The device includes high quality specifications and unique technical and technological qualifications and consists of many features which surprise you when you own it.
6. Works with 12 volt battery.
7. The battery works from 8 to 10 hours continuously.
Components of the device:
1. The main unit consists of the controller keys.
2. Transmission signal unit.
3. Receiving unit for the electronic signals.
4. Arabic and English catalog.
5. International ensure for one year.
6. Educational CD.
7. Aluminum bag to protect the device from inside.