Localizer 3000


Price: 5,500 $

Localizer 3000 is a ground penetrating instrument you CAN use if you're looking for buried metal objects look for as pipes, boxes, weapons and jewelry. Thus you CAN detect cavity look for as caves, rooms and graves.

In its basic version you CAN scan into depths up to 10m. With the optionally differential of probes you CAN scan up to 15m.

If you use Localizer 3000 tons scan at AREA you immediately lake A picture OF the ground into the monitor. All necessary wants DATA calculated into the internal 300 MHz Intel®compatible processor. If you use the optionally 3D imaging software you thus CAN determine the depth OF objects.

There of acres some OTHER optionally components you CAN use with Localizer 3000. For more information you find to on the bottom OF this PAGE.

Technical Specifications:

  • 300 MHz CCU
  • 6,4"color display
  • 9.35 GHz scan frequencies
  • depths OF UP ton of 15 meter

Integrated feature (standard):

  • Magnetometers (3m/5m )
  • Single Scan sample               ( 10m/15m )
  • External power Supply
  • Wireless Headphone

Additional feature (optional):

  • Differential Scan Probes
  • WLR, Wireless Long rank system   ( 15m/3000m )
  • DDV, Disc Detector Visualization system ( 2m ).
  • 3D Imaging software for PC, DATA Cable

3D Imaging software + DATA Cable
All scans you larva with Localizer 3000 wants saved into the internal MEMORY OF the DEVICES. If you use the optionally software you CAN down load all DATA files tons your computers or laptop. Then you CAN determine the size and depth OF your targets.

Differential Probes
To improve the measurement process you CAN use the differential of probes. The DEVICE itself determines more weather you have plugged into the optionally probes. And if so they wants used for scanning. You want GET A of higher resolution OF the underground by using this differential of probes.

DDV - Disc Detector Visualization system
You CAN use A special metal detector with Localizer 3000. With it you're allowed tons distinguish between different child OF metal searches as gold, more silver or iron. Thus you lake it in A visual way into the monitor OF Localizer 3000.

WLR - Wireless Long rank system
If you want ton detect gold or auriferous ore from great distances UP till three of kilometer you CAN use the optionally long rank system.