jeo sonar 3D


Price: 3,500 $

jeo sonar 3D 2012 Dual System Dimensions trio, the most sophisticated detector system and is characterized by feature identify empty spaces and minerals under the ground and have been manufacturing this device with the most advanced technology. Giosonar 3D dual system dimensions of class trio detectors deep research distinguishes four categories of underground metal is gold and valuable metals and non-value steel. And offers the device for its user all the information on the screen in three dimensions. As for the ground caves and warehouses, tunnels and shelters and tombs has a property disclosure empty spaces underground, in addition to identifying and evaluating analytical report on the underground minerals. Giosonar 3D three-dimensional dual system can draw reference design three-dimensional graphs of the goals that have been exposed under the earth, which is the most advanced among the visual systems.

Giosonar dual system triad dimensions and feature multiple search functions allows users to search easily in all types of soil and in areas with a high density of many metals. And the search screen designed for use of the device allows for easy search for all professional users and novices, and this is one of the most important basic device characteristics that distinguish it from other detectors.
For a property to distinguish between metals and the search for high accuracy and depth can also double 3D Giosonar system triad Dimensions
Determine the depth of the target in the report on the screen, whether big or small metal or underground cave in length
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3 Giosonar D dual system triad Supplier dimensional three different tablets ground search tasks.

When you purchase to Giosonar 3D dual system triad dimensional. Will you search process in the depths that have not discovered one before and you will get the treasures that did not reach a researcher before thanks to the hard deep dimensions of 60 x 100 cm to penetrate the depths of 16 meters and is designed for metals Mraliha in a long time underground. The disk researcher public dimensions of 36 * 44 cm, which penetrates to the depths
8 meters and disk researcher small dimensions of 21 * 31.5 cm, which penetrates to a depth of 4 meters

The relationship between the signal and shape
Product has been providing the most advanced technology Giosonar and Department Alawsaluscob (Rasimcathodal vibration) located on Rama screens provide the user information on the way turning the target signals taken from the earth to the charts. With this feature facilitates the user to identify the target and keep him under the ground prior to the drilling process. The series Giosonar system for 2009 - 2010 - 2011 - 2012 possess very important features to ïï�½½ïï�½½ïï�½½ïï�½½ïï�½½ïï�½½ in any other detector thanks to a program that defines the relationship between form and indicate short of the target. You will find all these features found in a series of detectors system ahead Giosohnaraltknulogia you
Shining Giosonar system
Giosonar 3D Dual System Dimensions trio has a great system and the system LED (light-emitting diode) is practical and easy to use. It will enable you to search quickly and effectively in the areas that you can not search the Ka walls and cliffs and the search for coins and search on surfaces thanks to top public research and the great system LED (light-emitting diode) has signals private spaces ground located in the left side and signals minerals in the right side of the panel LED (light-emitting diode) on the handle of the hand. And allows the user to distinguish comfortable everywhere thanks to the different tones of voice objectives metal blanks outside Shining warning system
Can work experience genuine process of this product before buying it for several kinds of metals at a depth of 3 meters realistically with an explanation of the method of work and determine the type and depth