Price: 6,000 $

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Technical information
Passive electromagnetic sensingsystem(low frequency)
Requires no active wire system(HF)
Recipient frequencyrange: 44-142-
 Microprocessor to measureingredients
Depth -discrimination-aftergoals

Depth: 12meters

Weight: 84 × 26 × 10 kg
Energy: 2x9voltoperatingwig20h

Data Processor and the interpretation of the results presentation on acomputer screen

Distinguish between detectedmetals(metallic metallicx )


With this documentation, we offer the the EMFAD GmbH newly developed system EMFAD UG12  prior to the measurement of abnormal changes in the conductivity in the soil. The one with the EMFAD UG12  measurable anomalies are mainly caused by: conductive metallic materials such as tubes, pipes, barrels, metal wastes, reinforced concrete, etc., as well as changes in the subsurface caused by cavities, graves, faults, shafts, fillings, retention, electrolytic withdrawals from landfills, etc.

·         Passive electromagnetic measurement method

·         Measuring intake fed by external transmitters: 
(130 kHz 77.5 kHz 23.4 kHz) 
(Optional) Measuring intake fed by its own transmitter: 33 kHz

·         Microprocessor Test Fixture: 
Automatic (1 measurement / second with continuous AE lock) 
Manual (Manual triggers at each measurement point, changes are saved automatically)

·         Density measurement: For automatic measurement recording depending on stride length and spacing profile

·         Measuring depth: overview measurements> = 12 m - Detailed measurements up to 12 m

·         Resolution: 10 Bit/8V

·         Dimensions / Weight: (51x27x11 cm / 5 kg)

·         Energy: -2 x 12 V (2x10-MH AA battery) for an operating time of 
approximately 10-12 hours, depending on usage of the LCD backlight and 
the headphones

·         Operating Temperature: (-20 ° C to + 55 ° C)

·         Data processing: With the evaluation software EMFAD - Scan for the representation of 2D and 3D graphics with interpretation, modeling, documentation and printing.

·         Data export: To further processing and documentation in MICROSOFT EXCEL, SURFER from Golden Software or any other program that can handle ASCII files.

·         Data transfer from EMFAD ®-UG12 for notebook / PC via RS-232 or USB interface.

By surface mapping of individual objects or areas are clearly marked as anomalous change. The EMFAD technology has been successfully used in diverse climatic and geological environments in order measurements. Applications are mainly in archeology, contaminated site investigation, soil investigation, geological and professional treasure hunt.