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The latest and smallest device imaging worldwide employer offers accurate results and directly in real-time
Our group always seeks to meet the needs and requirements of our customers on the largest face of accuracy and credibility,
Through urgency and great demand and renewed by the explorers to Jhazsgar size works system radar imaging to detect caves and minerals under the ground, and after many scientific experiments and practical and multiple studies and intensive by the company HGD, was with confidence and genius were a few years ago device manufacturing HGD- XS developer and multi Khiarataltsoar radar to detect and locate gold, metals and stone statues and treasures and caves and spaces and corridors and tunnels, warehouses and underground rooms.
We congratulate our customers and tell you that you can now confidently see the unknown underground through a small graphic does not exceed size small camera.
• The device HGD-XS detection technique and definition ultrasound imaging radar, where this device photographed the ground and gives full report and the definition of the area surveyed.
• specialist competence comprehensive and holistic detect and locate minerals and to distinguish them locate burials, different kinds of treasures, gold and caves and voids and surface water and corridors, rooms and old houses.
• gives the coordinates on the layers of the earth, soil hardness, and their contents and spaces and things buried treasures and the effects of direct and clarified.
• Conveying connecting the device with your laptop by Bluetooth to clarify data and coordinates scanning and detection directly on your laptop to see the target in real time on the computer screen it is possible to install laptop away from the place of detection for a distance of 200 meters
• device control panel provider genius and easy to use and work operates through touch keys to adjust the device and select the option to photogrammetry system
• property microprocessor integrated system and automatic for the balance of the soil, automatic feature smart, modern while the delicate Alssanzor hovers over any kind of soil there is a property of artificial intelligence electronic programmable automatic
• giving the device to its user a clear picture of the shape of the target underground to see the three-dimensional and two-dimensional, flat and side
• determines the depth of the target underground directly on your laptop and digital report on the depth of the metal Surface and Sinti and Mili meters whatever depth
• Specifies the size of the target underground with accuracy that was a vacuum or tomb shows the extension and beginning and end though metal shows the size, shape and how and status
• provider programs number two down and prove to your laptop, a program of work and detection system scanning and imaging direct system Ultrasound direct, and another program for scanning system shelf stores survey on the computer and analyze the survey and photography where enjoys advantages many to identify the target and analysis and to find out the depth and size and see the target more from the direction of
• figurative works on systems following:
• scanning and imaging system automatic shelf This system stores the entire scanning process to be processed and analyzed on the laptop, works automatically with four options can be controlled automatic in Achtaaraha through the device:
• 10 radar covering an area of 3 m longitudinal
• 20 radar covering the longitudinal 6 meters
• 30 radar covering an area of 9 m longitudinal
• 40 radar covering an area of 12 meters longitudinal
• 50 radar covering a longitudinal area of 15 meters
• scanning and imaging system manual shelf 30 radar systems used to detect and scan a limited area and the user can control to send radar waves through Djiostic management (handle separately connected device)
• scanning radar imaging system for viewing in real time on the laptop screen
• radar scanning system ground sonar technology waves instant audio for broadcast and direct imaging, and for the first time in the world apply this system in the exploration and detection systems, shows the metal underground cave as it appears Fetal Medical Alaakograv.
• Another system can use the device detects through electromagnetic pulse radar waves to detect by voice only, without communicating with your laptop
• Works on a sensitive radar sensor is small in size and can be placed and installed inside the dress bottom of the foot.
• enjoyed by its small size and light weight despite great big tasks and which were carried out with ease
• The smallest imaging radar device in the world to detect gold and treasures and caves and spaces
• Works in all forms and types of terrain and various types of soil, whatever the solid rock and metal
• Operating temperature from 0 ° C ° C to 55 ° C degrees Celsius
• can be stored at a temperature of - 40 ° C ° C to 65 ° C degrees Celsius
• can be stored and work in degrees air humidity level of 5% to 80%
• against water prevents water from leaking inside, and protective of shocks
• not affected completely stations and telecommunications, and power lines high-pressure high
• Works on internal battery 12-volt lithium-ion rechargeable able to work for 48 hours
• up to a depth of 15 meters under the ground in all soil conditions
• works on the operating frequency range and is 9,35 MHz
• Works on a light-colored LCD screen shows all the options and adjust the search systems
• Supplier and works on the Bluetooth 2.0
• making machine full of the best One of the best pieces of plastics and electronic sensors and microprocessors long-term
• designed and manufactured the device to every modern and sophisticated technologies and more precise and stronger processors and electronic parts
• full weight of the device with all XssuaraTe& Peripherals Carrying Case is only 3 kg
• Weight control unit and main Treatmentis 800 grams and with delicate 1 KG just is not
Uses tasks:
Uses a HGD-XS-mediated radar systems to detect in the ground and mock reports directly integrated and is suitable for search and inspection operations the following:
• detection Analmaadnwaldfaún 3D three-dimensional vision
• detect cavities and caves to see three-dimensional 3D
• mapping of the infrastructure of the land in three-dimensional 3D
• phishing detection meteorites
• detection and hunt for treasures
• Find surface water
• prospecting for gold pieces raw
• detect voids and tunnels and caves
• Historical Research
• To clear the land infrastructure
• industrial needs such as locating sites buried pipes and wires and concretes
• geophysical investigations.
Pieces and pollinators:
• the main unit of the device (the main processing unit and settings)
And composed of:
Illuminated LCD screen
Mphath Control Panel are to touch
Switch (ON - OFF)
Entrance Alssanzor delicate
Entrance headphones
Entrance charger + light to signify the shipping
Director external loudspeaker
• The unit delicate scanner land longitudinal (Alssanzor) provider pressure switch for manual action photography and wire connection to
• The Bluetooth module (USP) to reach into the computer to receive information
• Headphones
• domestic electric charger 12 V
• 12-volt car charger
• laptop provider gift from the company when you buy the device installed research programs
• Carrying Case and save the whole device and its accessories and shock-proof
• bag strap
• use brochures in several languages, including Arabic
• CD tutorial for how to use the device
• Ensure international for three years
• ensure Almusenai results for three years
• How to use:
A brief summary of the booklet Use
Device operates HGD-XS system radar imaging in real time and direct more than imaging system, we deliver scanner radar ground (Alssanzor) Nouselh device entrance own, and we then connect the device with a laptop by Bluetooth and then open detection program installed on computer and determine detection system desired search by then define the same system that we have chosen on your XS and stress it by pressing OK (OK) and then to begin scanning pull the switch (start) at this time we have dealt delicate scanner towards soil to shoot what out and show the results directly on the laptop screen to show the existence of goals or lack thereof if found to clarify its size, depth and unique, and there are programs photographic survey other which we surveyed the area full and store survey in the computer's memory and analyze the survey later brokered analysis program to see the goal to see three-and two-dimensional and see the depth of goal and shape and size and type, or it is possible to use the device without Laptop and detection by electromagnetic waves Alradariapachtaar own while shock wave any metal device gives an audible alert to the presence of metal into the ground.
(Made in America)