Price: 6,500 $


Making this device by the possibilities of powerful beyond imagination, development and spoke this device significantly significantly to become the best way to discover what you can not be the rest of the other devices he specializes in the discovery of gold and all kinds of treasures and burials precious like effects and all kinds of Antiques and stones inlaid with gold, diamonds and pitchers ornate bottles and storage hidden seals and tools property and rare pieces and decorations such as mosaic, reveals the mummy and statues of all kinds, by technology that have occurred in our body that made him a legend everyone is talking about during marketed in the United States and Germany during the past two years and after development has now become an organ ranked first in discovery uniqueness of the rare things in the depths of the earth.
Idea of the device
The device works by the modern global scientific innovator, a system Geological Survey's New, where device works quickly and technique Ultimate in the discovery of targets extent Front large and so quickly REAL TIME, which gives the device speed and power additional grants to discover all the treasures with complete precision and superior performance.
The device has a new technique which integrated determinants smart feature in a microchip sensitivity and purification function signals to the device from unwanted impurities.
Imaging and remote sensing device at the same time very sophisticated
This system works on the property transceiver to send to Jiokherbaúah waves strong frequency waves, and integrated by the receiver can determine the direction of the target and track and link it through the power line Mosul purpose and determine the point of presence and depth with accuracy and ease.
It was after our use of the system long-term, we can work on the system radar imaging in real time and direct more than imaging system, we deliver scanner ground (sensitive radar) Nouselh device entrance own, and we then connect the device with a laptop by Bluetooth and then we open detection program installed on your computer and determine detection system desired search by then define the same system that we have chosen the device emphasize it by pressing OK and then start scanning key and these keys within the section on control system radar imaging, at this time we have dealt delicate scanner Radar toward soil dimension from the earth 15 cm to shoot what it and show the results directly on the screen of the laptop there goals or lack thereof if found to clarify its size, depth and unique, and there are programs photographic survey other which we surveyed the area full and store survey in the computer's memory and analyze survey mediated analysis program to see the goal to see three-and two-dimensional and see the depth of the target and its shape, size, kind, or can use the device without the laptop, and detection by electromagnetic waves radar choosing particular this system, in the case clashed this wave any metal gives us the audio alert to the presence of metal in the Earth.
Parts and components
Main unit of the device (the main processing unit and settings)
And composed of:

• screen includes a list of options set the device
• Control Panel Touch Keyboard
• key
• entrance delicate
• ground entrance Mosul
• entrance headphones
• entrance charger + light to signify the shipping
• entrance for Djiostic tool
• light units send information via Bluetooth technology installed device
• automatic light glows when the device to indicate the work of Bluetooth
• photovoltaic panel to clarify Bluetooth while connectivity with your laptop
• external loudspeaker outlet
• The radar sensor unit (sensor), (to work on the audio system and radar imaging)
• Unit control handle tool (Giostic), (to work on manual imaging system) and Bluetooth module (U.S.) reached in the computer to receive information (to work on the imaging system
• Unit Mosul ground (terrestrial transmission unit), (to work on the system bandwidth)
• The receiver is working on a 9-volt battery and battery light power and Bmkhrgen provider of energy to connect the receiver antennas
(To work on the system bandwidth)
• receiving antennas 2 to work on the system bandwidth
• for connecting wires between the receiver and receiving antennas (to work on the system bandwidth)
• Headphones
• domestic electric charger 12 V
• 12-volt car charger
• Laptop submitted research programs installed
• Carrying Case and save the whole device and its accessories and shock-proof
• bag strap
• use brochures in several languages, including Arabic
• CD tutorial for how to use the device
• Ensure international for three years
• ensure Almusenai results for three years
Use tasks
• The device uses detection systems integrated and comprehensive prospecting and exploration operations to the ground and is suitable for fishing operations the following:
• metal detector and burials to see 3D three-dimensional and caves
• mapping of the infrastructure of the land in three-dimensional 3D
• The search for water
• prospecting for nuggets and pieces of raw gold
• Clear the land infrastructure
• industrial needs such as locating sites buried pipes and wires and concretes
• provider feature and technical distinction between metals and select the type of metal to be searched before search began
• Works in all forms and types of terrain and various types of soil, whatever the solid rock and metal and salty
• against water prevents water from leaking inside, and protective of shocks
• not affected completely stations and telecommunications, and power lines high-pressure high
• Works on internal battery 12-volt lithium-ion rechargeable able to work for 48 hours
• explore to a depth of 25 meters with accuracy in all soil conditions
• reveals the extent to which the front 2000 meters when radar use system
• full weight of the device with all XssuaraTe& Peripherals Carrying Case is only 4.50 kg
• Weight control unit and the main treatment is only 2,300 kg.
• takes knowledge of the existence of the goal area of 3 km and determine the path of the target except for just two minutes
• The system works through high-definition LCD screen private system and a special section of the touch keyboard is on the left side of the control panel
• describes the screen and displays the results and disclosure statements and determine the type of metal and his name and blasted, battery and signal strength
• Detects gold and mineral targets from a distance, with the possibility of identifying the type of metal you'd like to find the detected and set its course and place in 11 minutes whatever the depth of the metal and after
• Caves and voids) system is optional.
• reveals the groundwater system under the ground to a depth of 250 meters and with great precision
• Detects metals and voids to a depth of 18 to 25 meters under the ground
• determines the location and depth of the target each with complete precision
Specifications scanning radar imaging system
• The system works on the technical definition ultrasound imaging radar, where this filmed underground system and gives full report and the definition of the area surveyed radar system
• gives the coordinates on the layers of the earth, soil hardness, and their contents and spaces and things buried treasures and clarify the effects directly on your laptop
• Conveying linking this system with your laptop by Bluetooth to clarify data and coordinates scanning and detection directly on the laptop for viewing in real time
• property microprocessor integrated system and automatic for the balance of the soil, automatic feature smart, modern while the radar Alssanzor hovers over any kind of soil there is a property of artificial intelligence electronic programmable automatic
• This system provides us with a clear picture of the shape of the target underground to see the three-dimensional and two-dimensional, flat and side
• Determine the size of underground target with accuracy that was a vacuum or graves explains extension beginning and end though metal shows the size, shape and how the nines
• works on the operating frequency range and is 9,35 MHz
• Supplier and works on the Bluetooth 2.0 works on systems following graphic:

• scanning and imaging system automatic shelf This system stores the entire scanning process to be processed and analyzed on the laptop, works automatically has five options can control the automatic selection of the device: 10 radar covering a distance of 3 m longitudinal longitudinal radar cover a distance of 6 meters
• 30 radar covering a distance of 9 m longitudinal
• 40 radar covering a distance of 12 meters 50 longitudinal longitudinal radar cover a distance of 15 meters
• scanning and imaging system manual shelf 30 This system uses radar to detect and scan a limited area and the user can control to send radar waves through tool Djiostic (a separate tool to reach the device and the button to press)
• scanning radar imaging system for viewing in real time on the laptop screen