Golden King


Price: 4,000 $

World of powerful hardware and is the latest technological system to detect metals, gold and relics and caves in the ground miracle device and a first-class professional, a myth of modern science. System is equipped exploration technology is not currently found in any other system in the world These include rigorous technical feature unparalleled processing of three-dimensional graphs and device is the only globally-which gives a true and realistic three-dimensional scene and full clarity and high accuracy.

Discover genuine metal
Processing of the radar system Golden King technology does not exist in any other system in the world. These include technical processing feature three-dimensional graphs unparalleled has surpassed all the previous three-dimensional systems, but this is a claim because such systems despite its claim of inclusiveness imaging feature three-dimensional graphs, it does not really show just some images placed in her memory during the production phase, a set of images stored in various forms. And some of the manufacturers of these previous systems may have sold these devices at prices ranging between 10,000 and 20,000 euros misguide consumers and the fact that he does not work for these devices only call charges recorded in the memory of before. This is a perversion and very clear. Now the radar system Golden King for the first time in the world to show a true picture of the target. With the presence of high-tech equipment and unparalleled ability superior software produced by the company. Radar system Golden King includes features and capabilities that can not be. compared with the old detection techniques.

Discovery of gold ore
Device is capable of detecting gold ore and veins of gold and gold sandstone very well without being influenced by volcanic rocks or mineral soil depths greater than most detectors gold ore in global markets

Discovery vacuum in its true form
The radar Golden King users to the possibility of filming three-dimensional graphs in the results screen with the possibility of moving the target image in many ways and all angles. This system provides us for the first time in the world. This system does not invite images and drawings of pre-recorded, but provides for employer references received from the target directly able device to detect voids and gaps ground Kallekeov and basements and rooms buried with ease with the possibility of identifying the contents of the vacuum of metals and shows it in the results screen in a three-dimensional We recall that before the existence of the radar system Golden King customer was paying exorbitant sums to show such images using the old scanning techniques

Imaging system and direct analysis of the target
The device full analysis of the signals received from the target by equipment and software covered by and used in the analysis device works on calibrating automatic soil and recognize shipments and frequencies resulting from soil and rocks and components whatever quality to give it signals minutes and uncertain about the type and size and the amount of metal detected and sends signals powerful to penetrate all the territory to the difficult and Cdidhlaisal to the depths of massive easily to Taatmknu enjoy real Bbgeskm and Acetkchavatkm to Omtlakkm best technology in the world the only technique capable of overcoming all wrong signals from land and rocks of all kinds with ease system recognizes all precious metals and non-precious and gives quick results for type and clarification of the metal on the screen quickly and directly device features iron scrap metal and non-precious metals from the process of research and exploration to become you can trust search for precious metals and gold with ease and without any obstacles final.

- And imaging radar system explorer to land with very high quality View
- Intelligent Search System stainless control all the movements of the user
- Signal processing feature three-dimensional manner and clarify its true form
- Automatic calibration of the land and easy to use with the option of manual calibration of ground
- 264000 color screen 7-inch size and the possibility of high-quality viewing
- Keyboard performance characteristic is made with high technology
- Feature the choice of languages: Arabic, English and Turkish, Bulgarian and Farsi
   With high quality sound system
- Display feature signals as three-dimensional images and video recording and Archive
- Guidance to use menu animation
- Easy to use with a heuristic system
- Whole design, and complete resistance against humidity, water, and cold and heat
- Ensure a comprehensive three-year period