GD 6006 P, 3D-Multifunktions-Golddetektor


Price: 5,500 $

is the latest generation of digital, multi-functional  Detectors. It is an integrated, full-fledged computer system (Intel Atom 1.6 GHz  Equipped processor, 1GB RAM, 4GB CF) and has a 800x600 pixels  Color display with touch function. The integrated 3D software of the ARGUS GD6006P
 implements a 3D graphical representation of measured values. So you need a laptop  with more to take to the field. The detector works with a Microsoft XP  embedded operating system and can run all the images in real-time or at  Requirements as Datenplot save.

The ARGUS can GD6006P as pulse discriminator detector (gold distinction), as  Magnoradar for detecting anomalies in the geomagnetic field ferromagnetic as  VLF detector for detecting geological anomalies (cavities) in the soil  or used with the GPR-antenna as a true RF ground radar tracking with depth indicator  be. This optionally include a magnetometer probe (8fach/2Achsen, 10nT  Sensitivity!) And a VLF probe and GPR-antenna for an additional fee  Available.

 The ARGUS GD6006P has various programs for real-time processing of  Pulse function Magnoradar VLF or GPR function. With the data read
 a calculated graphical 3D image can be formed in that the evaluation of the measurement data  allows professional. The detector is equipped with a GPS receiver  equipped to capture geographical positional data. This makes a recovery  object recognition in the terrain a breeze. Search for post-processing data  can it also be used with keyboard and mouse. Via the USB port  be a USB flash drive and read data or input. Allows you to  future software updates easily done by you.

 ARGUS GD6006P, the 4 in 1 detector of the future. Optimum adaptation to your  Web projects! You only have to connect the same probe - the
 ARGUS GD6006P assumes the adaptation.

 Battery voltage: 21.6V
 Pulse power: 980W/yS 1100V Peak
 Operating Current: 800-1500mA
 Charging current: 0.4A/15Std.
 Display: 800 x 600 pixel color touchscreen
 Operating time: 3h / battery pack in a pulsed mode
                      4h / battery pack in Magnomodus
Dimensions: 180 x 180 x 140 mm
Weight: 1800 g (without battery)

 Scope of supply:
 Detector with carrying strap
 2x battery pack with belt clip NiMH 21.6 V
 Multi-charger, headset
 Telescopic Pole
 Round coil 28cm
 Mini keyboard, USB stick
 Touch pen
 Carrying Case

 Optional at extra cost:
 50 x 50 cm frame probe EUR 305, -
 100 x 100 cm frame probe EUR 482, -
 200 x 100 cm under EUR 610,