GD 5005 PC


Price: 4,500 $

comes with a wireless module for data transmission to a  Laptop (not included) equipped. It allows for high-resolution color  Measurement analysis in real time on a laptop and saving the measurement results.  Laptop on the receiver module and the 3-D software to install. Thereafter
 The measurement results are shown in color 3D graphics. This is especially  rapid and accurate screening of large areas possible. He is also
 with a GPS receiver module incorporating the latest the  Position data collected and fades.

 DG 5005 DG 5005 PC is as P is a metal detector with the latest digital  Dual processor technology. One processor handles the data processing one,  Second controls the completely newly developed pulse Isolation Unit (PIU). This allows  the first time a measurement gain, so that Gold also still present in deeper  can be searched and distinction. DG 5005 PC meets the latest  Pulse-induction system of the fifth Generation with digital data processing, graphics  Monitor and thanks to a powerful amplifier with 910 watts pulse power at  most accurate gold discriminating on the basis of a complex software.

 The detector has been developed using state of the art and is based on  their tried and tested digital pulse induction detectors. The new PIU
 Technology the complete digitization of the measuring system was further  promoted.

 The signal processing and control of the system is using the latest dual- Processor technology for fast and reliable measurement. With the future- oriented programming and the additional programming port, the software  be adapted in the future to new tasks. The software has been specifically  written for the requirements of selective gold mining. A clear  480 x 272-pixel touch screen color display also leads the beginner, step  Step with optimal device settings to a successful search

 A find is indicated both acoustically via speakers or headphones, as well as in  Graphic display shown. Here you can directly draw conclusions about the located metal  hit. By switching to the time lines is finally a  search larger areas quickly possible.

 DG 5005 PC can be operated with various search-coils, these are  just selected in the menu system. The maximum achievable penetration depth varies  strong type of coil used (see technical data).

 A high-power IGBT output stage ensures optimum adjustment of the coils on the  System. The pulse has a power output of 910 watts. This allows  even large coils (up to 2x1 meters) are operated.

 With the DG 5005 PC achievable search depths were maximized still further without  neglecting the exact gold distinctive.


 System: Pulse induction 5th PIU generation technology
 Pulse power: 880 - 910 watts max. / ĨS / 1100 V
                         Primary pulse voltage 30 V / StepUp Technology
 Output stage IGBT 1200 Volt / 25 Amp / 300 W / 150 A pulse
 Pulse Frequency: 440 Hz
 Pulse Isolation Unit (PIU): C32-S2-A, Release 6.0.1
 Run Time: 3 - 5 hours depending on the pulse power and coil
 Controls: ON / OFF switch, touch screen
 Connectors: Search coil, headphone, DC-In 21.6 Volts
 Display: touch screen graphic display 480 x 272 pixels
 Processor: Dual Processor Technology
 Speaker: 40 mm
 Headphones: 2 x 32 Ohm, adjustable volume
 Handle: 3-piece 175 cm long
 Power supply: external NiMH battery, 21.6 V / 4000 mAh
 Charger: Dual charger for 2 batteries
 Charging current: 300 mA
 Charging time: 15 hours
 Dimensions: 172 x 187 x 94 mm
 Weight: 1100 g with battery
 Theor. Depth: max. with Ø28 cm coil - 3.50 m
                                  max. with 50x50 cm coil - 5.00 m
                                  max. with 100x100 cm coil - 6.50 m
                                  max. with 200x100 cm coil - 10.00 m
 Menu languages: German, English, French, Spanish, Turkish

 The penetration depth is in addition to the coil diameter and from the power adjustment,  the soil characteristics and the object size.

 The working range of the discriminator is the relationship between ferrous and  Nonferrous / ground dependent. A special alloy algorithm ensures  accurate metal divorce.

 Control unit with electronics, strap
 Special headphones
 Charger, battery pack 1 piece
 Telescopic Pole
 Search coil with 28 cm diameter
 Transport bag for the complete unit

 Optional accessories (surcharge)
   50 x 50 cm frame probe EUR 305, -
   100 x 100 cm frame probe EUR 482, -
   200 x 100 cm under EUR 610, -
   processor controlled charger EUR 327, -
   external battery pack to extend the operating time (21.6 V / 4000 mA) EUR 351