Epad digital Survey


Price: 13,000 $

This is a device of the devices, Germany's sophisticated and specialized in the works of geographic information systems and sensor system developed by the geophysical survey by GPS and specializes in the discovery of precious metals, gaps and voids and funds under the ground, that system device depends on the work of more than one language to be easy to All explorers in addition to the registration process easy data placed in the sensor so as to give accurate information to the explorers and all Geologists and professionals in the work of the detection and exploration for gold and treasures and precious items at the heart of the whole soil. Multilingual PDA-type data logger DIN EN ISO 9000-compliant Software product and one of the various sensors; meets the requirements of the Geographic Information System View recorded data, coordinates, detection results easy to use - the basic levels for users or for advanced users

·         Multilingual rugged PDA-type data logger

·         GPS - compatible

·         DIN EN ISO 9000 compatible software

·         One product for different sensors; meets GIS and IMSMA system requirements

·         Display of recorded data, coordinates, detection results

·         Easy to use - levels for basic users or advanced users


EPAD®: Rugged tool for geophysical survey and QA/QC

Mobile Bluetooth-technology-based PDA data recording system for various sensor types with one to six recording channels. Data recording with real-time display. Ruggedised and waterproof version, suitable for all environments, complies with MIL-STD 810 requirements.

 Various versions:


 Compatible with:

 Single-channel version





 UPEX® 740 M



 TREX® 150

 Multi-channel version

 EPAD® - M

 MAGNEX® 120 Multi-channel (up to 6 probes)

 Multi-channel version

 EPAD® - U

 UPEX® 740 Multi-channel (up to 8 large loops)

EPAS® software: Visualisation and interpretation software

·         One software for different sensors meets GIS and IMS system requirements

·         Real-time display of recorded data (coordinates, detection results and system status),

·         Configuration of data recording process (grid parameters, sensor setting),

·         Available in various languages   

The EPAS® software was developed as an easy to use, powerful tool to improve productivity, efficiency and quality in geophysical surveys and ERW clearance operations.

It is part of the EBINGER data recording, processing and evaluation product family.

The simple user interface hides all complex background operations and limits user interactions to the minimum needed in daily practice. The EPAS® software comes with an internationalised interface.