CAM 1000


CAM 1000

Discover gold in the direct image and see everything hidden from the eye with the camera picture of the sites of gold goals and precious You can actually see what is underground with this technology is dazzling eye dazzling digital X-ray digital laser thermal infrared This is what we always return to provide the technology of tomorrow in our time And this day.


Scientific theory of the device:

Say goodbye to all the traditional exploration devices and now unleash a new experience that is completely different from the world's most popular gadgets and enjoy the luxury of modern exploration and enjoyment with the amazing CAM 1000 camera that captures and explores innovative systems with innovative new digital sensor systems.

Our factories took responsibility in both Germany and America for sponsoring a new and different project. The mission is to manufacture and develop this modern camera and to undertake intensive and continuous development to make it a different model in the near future with a bigger, wider and wider development.




device specifications :

 After intensive experiments and studies for 3 years, this magical camera proved its worth in the exploration and exploration of gold, treasures and precious metals.

The camera operates at levels of high and precise electronic signals that translate into video indicators, through which they appear on the mini-screen and televised all levels of the goals of the precious and high-quality accuracy.

The super-eye can present the roadmap to the explorer through its absolute sensitivity and good value in exploration, distances and depths by using the unconventional pathway to transfer the digital ray radiation and laser infrared to electronic energy, which in turn gives and shows the clear, For the Navigator.

This camera offers the world's best technology innovation to detect and explore gold, treasures and underwater effects and challenge the difficulties of delivering a clear visual vision of goals.

This camera offers a wide range of features and features that are not available in any other device through the newly innovative technology.


Durable, economical, streamlined, lightweight, small size, easy to use, perfect performance,

1 - The camera operates in several different fields and the most important discovery

 (Treasures, gold, silver, antiques, diamonds, precious stones, meteorites, caves)

2 - discover the eye of the miraculous range of up to 1750 meters

3 - discover the eye piercing depths of up to 85 meters.

4 - Very clear picture with automatic control.

5 - This detector is a machine adapted and controlled by itself and resistance to various weather factors.

6 - Rechargeable internal battery + 2 different charger + car charger

7 - Direct photography and also can be stored images and video on the camera's memory directly.

8 - Allows explorers to make easy and flexible discoveries without adventure and transition.

9. The supernatural eye invites all explorers to possess a better exploration and a dazzling and stunning future.

10 - The camera through the integrated optical and audio indicators of the systems of the device to help the user and quickly unite systems to give the central point and clear image of the target with a real geophysical system and direct revelation of the target site.

11- The Super Eye has the FBA system, which provides highly sensitive thermal images that allow the user to determine the geographic changes in the locations and locations of gold and treasures.

12. Check this camera so fast and convenient that it makes it easier for explorers to check areas that conventional devices can not access.

13. This camera identifies and documents the true objectives of the treasures and determines their exact quality, size and depth.

14- This camera is safe and maintain itself and its user by the ASA system, which makes itself adapt to the environment safely and the sun and different temperatures and works in all kinds of environment and climate is different.

14 - This day-night and night-time ultra-efficient eye works with the HPR feature, which gives it full harmony and harmony to deliver the visible spectrum of infrared, laser, signal, wave and radiation with the same energy and power at all times.


Components and functions of the device:

1 - The main unit, which is in the form of a pistol and integrated screen.

2 - front sensor camera installed on the unit from the front.

3 - sensors to capture signals and Tan riding to the left and right of the main unit.

4- Chargers number 2 + Car charger.

5. The operation and fire key is connected with the indicator light in yellow.

6 - key control and confirmation (MENU-OK) and when pressed it gives you the screen four options:

1. Timekeeping folder.

2. When you click on the Settings folder, you will be given 4 options

First: It is a globe-shaped case. The V.140 will show you which device is programmed and ready to work.

 The second-shaped house means restarting the device,

The third is a bar form which means the work of factory reset,

 Fourth question mark? The V.140 device will show you which device is programmed and ready for operation.

3. Portfolio of information, video and images

When pressed, you will enter the camera and save it to the memory of the device.

4. The video adjustment folder when pressed will give you a 12-pixel image type and quality that can not be adjusted or changed.

7 - The left key, which has the arrow symbol and the arrow of the height and the drop, and this key is to move the screen and choose.

8-key right and the camera and video is set to selectable and navigate and also to choose a camera or video camera

9-key operating metal detection at the bottom of the device.

10-key allergy circular shape which is to calibrate sensitivity and sound.

11. At the top of the device there are the first two visible indicators on the left light up and illuminate and give different signals with sound to determine the direction of the target and gradually increase when reaching it.

In the indicator, a light button on the right of the device shines and gives a whistle while reaching the target directly and placing the device vertically above it.

12. There are blue indicators on the right and left of the instrument body to determine the target path and gradually increase when reaching it.

13 - The handle of the device and the component of the trigger, which can increase the sensitivity and strength of the device and the work of re-readiness of the device to work again in a stronger way.


The land is planted in a coherent manner by a powerful radio frequency that can be transmitted by satellites - military power, radio and lighting. The broadcast emits electrical currents in the underground objects and the current currents produce secondary magnetic fields that can be detected on the surface through the magnified deviations of the very low natural frequency field. The electronics move from a magnetic field to a field wave that can be detected from a distance. The lower reading or non-existence above a goal is clearly compared to the left and right side of the reading, which is higher than the ground that has no fulcrum. Follow the bold line or the main negative e-mail field indicator for the goal and that's easy. Readings can be taken from a moving vehicle and diesel engines are best used but gasoline vehicles and cars can also work well. Field test reports are available.

It is used to detect sites with underground buried metals such as gold and silver because both these metals are reflective and can hold longer thermal energy and silver because both these metals are reflective and can carry thermal energy longer than behind or around the earth around which the treasure is orbiting. The heat can be seen with the naked eye.

The photographer of this target site allows you to monitor the radioactive heat through this camera in the visible infrared spectrum. This camera has been professionally employed and helps to give information to prospectors, prospecting companies, treasure hunters and the visual edge they need to find sites for treasures and Important areas for more accurate explorations.

Electric tools are changed by thermal tools, with the aim of converting from infrared to electronic indices, and these changes are translated into video indicators.