Price: 4000 $

Products Features Introduction

E4000 visual imaging underground metal detector is the excellent land imaging instruments. Advanced technology to E-4000 in the depth of 25 meters underground when the resolution is still very great. Operation, even without laptop computers is also very easy. E-4000 video imaging measurement of some underground metal detector includes a personal computer, the data will be immediately in the color screen is displayed. All data will be stored in memory and can be transferred to another normal computer, the application of our software, 3D observation, to determine the object's depth assessment, size and location. Of the treasure hunters who run, E-4000 Underground Metal Detector There are many types of functions.

In addition E-4000 video imaging underground metal detector or search for underground metal's high technology tools. All data directly displayed in the color display. Can be calculated to determine the depth and target size, three-dimensional vision. The depth of underground metal detector is based on local soil environment and the exploration of different sizes and metal types, the corresponding different.

Key Product Features

1) Power: 12V

(2) Weight: 1400g

(3) Data memory: 128MB

(4) battery Operating time: 3 hours

(5) Processor: 300 MHz