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Small mobile device detector gold direct imaging system.

Technology has provided new explorers gold and treasures unique technique and very easy to use, where is the first of its kind to combine the sophistication and ease of working together.

Device software:

1 device depends on the five systems are new and sophisticated of its kind entirely.

2 as well as the program contains three-dimensional sonar 6 detective sophisticated systems and thus be

The total number of programs in the smart device is 11 program.

Hardware specifications:

1 The device works the system first, a case of GPS, while the pressure on this program show the compass and the direction of the path and can work automatically or put geographical location of the Explorer and then click on the start, and will be tracking the direction of the red arrow until we get the green circle on the screen is considered the target site

2 protein MTL system and the system works by index indicator light and sound, as well as the digital indicator and can also mute and keep the other two indicators, and this system is used in the detection or above the target from a distance to determine the direction and path of the target point.

3 protein LRL system and the system works by colorful compass where the yellow indicator is heading towards the target as well as the bubbles appear white and heading to the direction of the target to denote the place.

4 geophysical imaging system protein Android while pressure on this program you will see icons 6 1 2-language information 3 matching images in the previous survey Excellence Program 4 5 scanning software Ground 6 three-dimensional system Magninomtr

5 system, a 3D Pro  SONAR detection system depth.

Components of the device:

1 consists device consists of a main unit and iPad mobile bearing upon the basic analytical programs listed above

2 radar scanner is small and placed on the belt

3 USB connection between the scanner and the machine

Ways of working:

1, while access to the program PRO  ANDROID first select scanning the ground three-dimensional and will scan pattern zigzag or parallel and after the selection moves to the pattern of the pulse and there are two choices (automatic and manual), and after the check and move on to choose the length of the field Surface internal pressure to choose the number of radars photogrammetry by a distance of the site.

2 start working while the scanner imaging device will appear caves and voids in the form of color light blue and dark blue water and gold-colored dark red, and you can repeat until the end of the survey and control the image and enlarge her heart and save

3 then go to work the program distinction between comic targets more accurately

4 and also open the program 3D PRO SONAR determine distances to see the depth of the target.



3D detector underground READER precious and burials, is a superior product can also be used to find targets accurately burden and easy.

Device detects depth measurement system BACK TO NORMAL OPERATION DEEP up to 25 meters under the ground.

Wipe the device distance search forehand 750 square meters.

  Show you can repeat imaging directly from your PC ANDROIED GLAXY with immediate transfer and 3 D software measurement values can be stored on the internal memory

  Very simple to use screen capture device during metal detector image and voice alerts and optical signals help determine the direction


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