Dominator Pro


Price: 19000 $

Introducing the gold veins, lost treasures, ground units, designed to find abnormalities by identifying new Dominator Professional Geophysical Imaging system. Dominator Pro detection system provides imaging systems, thanks to 16-fold more sensitive equipment with high resolution and detail allows you to detect even the smallest abnormalities. Integrated GPS (Differential Global Positioning System) data and improved value display shows options Standard GEOSURVEYOR imaging systems, even if the objectives are difficult to find.
In addition, previously available in the Pro package also offered Geovision single sensor 3-D imaging system. With just a few mouse clicks USA PinPointer new Geovision 3-D imaging software allows you to switch to 3D imaging. Geovision software, 3-D map of the area to remove as soon as possible at the same time as well as a great tool to find underground pipes.
Dominator Pro is a plug-in connects to the Google Earth system. Dominator Pro software scans can be exported as KML. The software scans GOS referents or remaps converts an image into Google Earth or point by point all the scans. Mapping a target area or a whole has never been so easy! From the menu, choose the Google KML file will be saved into a special. Then double clicked or imported from there. Burayatıklayın to try it!

Google Earth Mapping
Dominator Pro package also is designed to provide wireless mobility Panasonic Toughbook ® mobile computer. Daylight-readable touch screen and integrated GPS faced a variety of government workers and military personnel, and often succeeds in fulfilling the task of harsh. The new CF-30 Toughbook daylight readable touch screen and integrated GPS, and a 1200 NIT Pro Imaging package is the cornerstone.

Image Treasure Chest
Dominator Pro is a treasure trove
3-dimensional view of Geophysical
Dominator Professional Imaging System
Integrated GPS ToughBook (Toughbook type may vary)

Capable of transferring GPS and Map 3 Boyulu High Resolution Target Analysis and Geovision Software

PinPointer antenna capable of transferring the GPS and Map 3 Boyulu High Resolution Target Analysis and Geovision Software

USA PinPointer Pro ART Real-Time software

Integrated GPS Panasonic Toughbook

12 "High Definition Antenna

20 "Exploratory Antenna

36 "Range Antenna

PinPointer Goal Setting Antenna

16 times more sensitive than the standard imaging systems, a new control unit

Dominator, thumb-driven software for 3D Geovision&pinpointer

Two (2) 18-volt battery in the control unit (10 hours continuous battery life of 22 hours plus extra batteries for the time field)

Round-tipped 18-volt battery charger

Universal Color Case

5 "18V Harness, Coated wire

Extra Laptop Power:
Dual 6000mAh 12V Battery

6.9 Battery Charger

Cross-over cable, coated wire

15 "Spare crossover cable

15 "and 5" Replacement crossover cable

Vector Converter

Car socket end

2 Antenna rod

Dominator, Geovision and PinPointer Manual

Pelican 1650 Case

36 "Coverage Antenna Case

Technical Support