Deepmax Z1


Price: 4999 $

From German factories world we put our efforts and our experience For what is Useful and effective with a very high accuracy and unique technology to offer all our valued customers who want to have Accurate detectors with high efficiency and enables them to unique specifications Of detectors and the treasures of gold and burials, passed by thousands of heritage Years, and in this sense We offer all our customers what is appropriate for their desire Through the device within eras and developer for many years and from stronger German factory we get the best device (lorenz Z 1). Combines precision to get smaller sizes of metal Such as gold and raw strength to penetrate the depths to uncover what factory And buried meters up to 6 meters below the surface of the ground to be explored with ease and accuracy Microchannel with the possibility of tariff and set to work at all no matter how different soil types and soil rugged terrain


Device features
The main device unit
Key device driver
Key to calibrate the device on the soil
Key (SELECT) to calibrate the device software
(MENU) key to control internal programming system of the device br> Entrance to connect the battery
Entrance to connect tablets search
Entrance to save the reference device is connected (saved images)



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26 centimeter research disk to detect small pieces - gold ore And scattered coins for shallow depths and research disk (35 cm) to descover small sizes with more depths 
35 centimeter research disk to detect small sizes for greater depths 
45 centimeter research disk and is used to detect small sizes to a depth of Up to 1 meter below the soil surface
s1 x 1 m research disk up to a depth of 4 meters below the earth's surface The advantage of ignoring small metal sizes - and cutting nails Ferrous scattered in the soil
2 x 1m research disk meter is easily installed and used to penetrate Depths of up to Devin at a depth of up to 8 meters of what has been buried - Effects and treasures
Electricity Cable 0.67 × 0.67 - 1 × 1 - 1 × 2 and can be arranged to 3 Or 4 laps for the detection area of up to 12 square meters
Electricity Cable 1 × 1 - 1.5 × 1.5 - 3 × 3 and can be arranged to 3 Or 4 laps for the detection area of up to 12 square meters