Price: 6000 $



It 's the perfect device to eliminate the drought device works on the discovery of groundwater and wells in the ground , not influenced by natural factors and running at all times and penetrates layers of solid earth and mountain quite easily .


This device specializes in land surveying vast and the discovery of fresh water underground works systems Aloschaaria and regulations الجيلوجية modern , it's companion best suited to all researchers on water and Jawlogin and drilling companies and all the specialists in this field because it is a scientific , practical and fast performance and the results are stunning.


Characteristics and advantages of the device


Stunning performance because it depends on the radiation - mail system with sophisticated search bandwidth , but this device many wonderful characteristics and most important: This device is characterized by its small size and light weight and complete ease of use and accuracy of certain exploration


• Looking for fresh water and sweet or salty water according to your choice of frequency to the key you want to search for him .

• the extent to wipe front horizontal distance of 1,500 square meters can automatically guide you through five minutes the existence of water in this area or not there .

• Detects the device by micro - electrical waves to depths of 1500 meters below the ground surface.

• The system checks the Geological discovered in point hardware bandwidth الأستشعاري and during long - term space guidelines called scanned - mail .

• prove the geological point of the system through the screen attached to the device .

• device measures the depth for a distance of ground water under the earth 's surface accurately uncertain.

• gives the device the power pressure Jeriana to water and water measures the strength and power flow Balonc .

• distinguishes the device accurately and clarity of water quality if they discovered sulphurous water or saline or pure.

• The device works great in the air and in various types of weather it works steadily and poise Hdidan stirring device confidence in the work and take the positive results without any hindrance .

And device  plus :


• Detects groundwater and wells .

• Looking device for a distance of 1,500 meters over the front of me .

• Detects the device to depths of 1,500 meters ground .

• a two in one device the first piece steering device ( electronic scanner ) and the second device geological system .

• There is a device with House Charger + Car Charger.

• internal 12 - volt battery rechargeable for 8 hours .

• Battery operated for 10 hours continuously.

• Ensure that for a year.

• Ensure that the company and the factory.

• U.S. industry .