Price: 5000 $

The series of "Columbus" the global exploratory systems has manufactured an advanced geological device with high-technique, the existence of XLT WATER the new wonderful explorer became an approved solution for all water problems, and it is a result of many years of researches and experiments in the world of detection and prospecting for the groundwater and artesian wells under the ground.

This device combines between the advanced technology and the simplicity, ease and luxury of exploration, it is specialized in discovering the water areas, locations and depths by its atomic vibration with absolute accuracy, which lead the device to the unprecedented event as a mean of prospecting taking benefit from air, soil and water to broadcast its signals with speed and power to penetrate any obstacles in the solid soil, the device provides real data in the detection of water and access to it so easily.

how does it works :

The device works by  strong signals sends an electronic frequency in the ground and through the waves of D.C. to move in the soil from one place to another.

The device includes a radar radiation system, also it works by system of sending the waves and frequencies of effective pulse in detection and knowing where the targets of the water.

The device scans vast and remote areas whether you are in your car or standing at certain point, and recognize after ten minutes whether the ground layers contains the needed water or not.

The XLT WATER device responds to the targets and takes you to the target from a distance, through the highly sensitive electronic sensor which put you directly above the target, and its geological system scans vertically the contents of the soil and access the real layer which carries the strong flowing water.

Features and Specifications:

1- XLT Water is characterized by a comprehensive survey to the explored area and knows the real path towards the target from a distance, through the long range electronic sensor.

2- The device guides the user to the water places under the ground through the antenna, with no need to the primitive scanning which takes long time in exploration.

3- It includes an illuminated screen, which gives accurate data for the explored targets and its details.

4- The device works in different terrains and environments, because it is programmed electronically.

5- The device confirms the existence of the underground water targets by the geological system which is professional in use.

6- The device works on 12 volt battery, which operates for 10 continuous hours, rechargeable batteries.

7- It penetrates all kinds of soil the soft and solid, as it is not affected by environmental effects.

8- The device search and scan for a distance of 5 sq/Km accurately.

9- It detects the canals, caves, groundwater and artesian wells of depths more than 2000 meter.

10- The device scans 5000 sq/m easily by the geological system.

Technical specifications:

1-the machine is specialized in the detection of artesian wells and groundwater to a depth of 2000 meter.
2- It determines the targets for a front certain distances up to 5 sq/km.
3- The device works with a global efficiency up to 100% in most of the time.
4- Ease in mobility.

Device Components

1- The main electronic unit.
2- The sensing unit of long range.
3- Connection cables.
4- Ground probes.
5- Strong carrying bag to protect the device from shocks.
6- Arabic – English Catalogues.
7- Educational C.D.
8- one year of international ensure and guarantee.

“We knew what you want, so we made it for you”

Greetings from “Future Treasures Companies Group”, pioneer in detection and exploration for gold, burials, treasures, monuments, underground water and petrol.