SX 500


Price: 1600 $

Research Breakthrough Applies

Advanced Technology to Dowsing.

There are two operational phases which are necessary to complete a dowse. One is mental or the concentration factor working through the subconscious mind. The other is the physical factor of which the dowsing instrument draws it's power source of electro-static energy from the body of the dowers. Mind exercises such as Yogi and Transcendental Meditation can serve to help sharpen the concentration factor. However, up to this point the physical aspects were dependent upon the inner resources of the dowser. The '' SX-500''provides new technology making it possible for external energy to be fed into the instrument complimenting the second phase of dowsing, the elector-static energy source coming from the body of the dowser.

Resulting in the most unique and powerful modern dowsing instrument on the market today.


Dowsing Advantages with the '' SX-500''

·        Dowsers need not be concerned with becoming tired and wearing down the body energy. The ''Power Pack'' will furnish the '''' with  ample electro-static power to continue dowsing fresh and accurate all day long.

·        During cold weather the body has a tendency to perform below par. With the '''' the necessary amount of electro-static energy will be supplied, regardless of temperature extremes.

·        The extra power will enable the dowser to expand his (her) range of detection far beyond their previous potential .Making it possible to locate targets previously beyond the threshold of detection.

·        Senior citizens often complain that they sometimes get tired and run out of energy before they are ready to stop dowsing. The '''' will allow them to continue dowsing as long as they wish with no concern of running out electro-static energy.










''Power Pack '' Accessory

Dimensions-21/2 1.x 4 5/8 x1 1/2, Material- Hard impact plastic case. Color-Royal Blue, Spring Steel belt holder attachment.

Toggle ON/OFF switch, ''Beacon Light'' visual battery strength indicator. Insulated coil cord with connection component. Extends to 4 ft. Power by 4- ''A A'' 1.5 V alkaline batteries (included).


Carrying Case

Material-Genuine Latigo leather, hand crafted and stitched to provide a custom fit for the instrument. This heavy-duty leather case is complimented by durable nickel finish hardware and gives maximum support with a 2 inch double  stitched belt loop.


Results of Preliminary Field Testing

Range: Largemineral deposit-10mi .(plus) ,Pint of silver coins-300yds. (plus) ,Gallon size coin cache-1mi. (plus), One Mercury dime-100 yds.(plus),Hand full of gold coins -200 yds.(plus).

Depth:Man's class ring- 4Ft. (plus) ,Precious mineral deposit-75 Ft (plus) Old Railroad watch -6Ft .(plus) ,Quart jar - coins, paper money,15 FT.(plus) , Iron pot of coins- (gold)-15 Ft . (plus).