Price: 299 $

Product information:

1 Hand portable scanner, very small

2 Through the built-in speed controller control scanning speed

3 The built-in real-time scanning probe, in order to avoid image distortion

4 2 piece AA alkaline batteries can scan about 200 pages

5 simple operations

6 Can scan books, documents, newspapers, and the biggest to the A4 size



Image sensor: A4 color touch image sensor

Resolution: low resolution: 300 * 300 dpi (default)

                 Middle resolution: 600 * 600 dpi

                 High resolution: 900 * 900 dpi

Scanning speed: color high resolution than 12 S

Color than 8 S of resolution

Low resolution color than 3 S

Scanning width: 8.27 "(210 MM)

File format:JPEG/PDF

The automatic shutdown: 3 minutes

USB connector: USB 2.0 high speed

Expand the memory: mircoSD card

Standard cells: 2 XAA alkaline batteries