Diamond Selector 11


Price: 349 $

This device has been developed to distinguish between real diamonds and traditional false. The device takes advantage of the nature of the diamond, which is characterized as a conductor of heat better than any diamond false "traditional" unknown. Val_khasaús other Diamond - property such as heat resistance and fusion - can be substantially similar to other materials and, therefore, rely on such principles may not be of great benefit in identifying the most precious gem, a diamond at all.

Benefit companion diamond "Diamond selector ii" of the same principle - that we get the privilege of patented his invention - in addition to the basic design of the electronic circuit designs, such as all the previous corresponding to this device. The head is made of two measures two heat convection online: the first electrically heated while cooling the second part by a stone that is scanned. It uses the difference in temperature between the two scales as a measure to thermal heat conduction, which in turn pay the electrical output, which is amplified and magnified on a scale works on the system (LED = Light emitting Diode). So read this scale indicate the degree of connection to the material being tested for heat.


1.1 There is no need to wait for a period of time between each test and the next. The time that the device needs to return to his first up to almost two seconds. The device can be used continuously without interruption.

1.2 This device is available in the form of two models:

A. For the model "Mate-A" it runs on batteries 9v.

B. Regard to the form "Diamond selector ii-B" it runs on batteries of the type Nicad rechargeable or directly to an electric outlet (220 V / 110 V) with an electrical transformer. (Batteries and adapter for this model).

1.3 This device is only a small pocket-sized: 160 x 30x 20.5 mm.

1.4 Index of low energy in the battery will illuminate red when the batteries are low.

1.5 Metal Detector - The detector will issue a whistling sound audible and intermittently when the device is connected to any type of metal.

1.6 scale works will illuminate the LED system in the area of green and hear a beep sound to alert the user - to the process of examining the diamond - that the test successful.

  1.7 low energy consumption of batteries: Batteries will continue 9v (on the model of Diamond selector ii-A) to work for three hours longer than any other device detector Diamond exists in the market.


Prepare a Diamond selector ii for use:

A 2.1. Model Diamond selector ii-A: This model runs on batteries 9v AAA. Simply enter the battery compartment to the batteries in the device with special symbols Note electrodes batteries. And must use alkaline batteries only to prolong the life of your machine. I've been testing this model continuously for 7 hours using alkaline batteries. The device works as effectively using the AC adapter is connected directly with a suitable electric socket, you must use the adapter that provides its manufacturer only.

B. Model Diamond selector ii-C: When you get on the device of the person you are dealing with, you should Shipping Batteries Nicad (Nicad) for a period ranging between 6 to 8 hours before use, simply enter the adapter / charger (which comes with this model) in the socket where appropriate electrical device works on the electrode AC normal without any additions. Will work Nicad type batteries fully charged for a continuous period of two hours.

2.2 Turn on the device and wait for 25 seconds until the device is ready to work, during the period of preparation will light green light intermittently and then continuously illuminates continuously when the device is ready for action.

2.3 Use an amount sufficient pressure to press the head of the probe angle is correct on one aspect of the stone which are examined until the next head fully into the device (fall back) and this will lead to the indicator lights red LED system when the stone that is scanned tradition or false, and illuminates If the green stone which Checked real diamonds.

2.4 device has been modified and fully set at the factory so it does not need any additional adjustments.

2.5 This machine comes with automatic locking feature.

How to perform the test using a Diamond selector ii:

3.1 Prepare the stone that you want to examine where the test must be at room temperature. Then grabbed the device to the proper angle to the face of the stone which Stakhtbrh, press appropriately where the head back down to the inside of the device will have full contact between the probe and the stone direct and continuous.

3.2 LED system will display the results of your test immediately where the lighting will increase rapidly to the maximum extent during one second or two and then will be reduced gradually.

3.3 If you came to read to the Green Zone, you'll hear a beep sound continuously indicates that what you examined Diamond As if what goes into Traditionally, the light will be in the red zone.

Note: The device can be used as an adjunct to distinguish some colored stones such as traditional

Sapphire compared with Altanzanayat

Wheezing compared with (Altoti Totite)

Wheezing compared with "Spaanl Spinel"

Wheezing compared with topaz

Wheezing compared with glass

In all, it is recommended Blmazid of tests to get to the analysis and Achtbarnhaúaan Stone traditional and counterfeit.

3.4 when related to the probe with any metal detector must be in direct contact with the fingers always with the parts of the serrated metal plate on either side of the machine examiner. We have designed this device to be easy to use so that you will be most of the users fingers device automatically with jagged parts.

Important notes:

4.1 should be the stone that will be examined is clean and dry before the test there is no need for cleaning materials manufacturer. It must be the head of the machine is also clean to ensure proper communication between him and the stone. It's good to get used to rub the head on a piece of paper gently before the test, do so on a regular basis as well.

4.2 to obtain accurate test should be the test at room temperature (18-27 ° C). Before each test Leave precious period of time to gain room temperature, which is where.

4.3 to test the diamond with a very compact size (measuring 10 points or less), the LED indicator may not illuminate fully. It is not uncommon to get a green light lit one. To measure the stones you can use a single small stone sample (optional) private so as to get the most amount of accuracy.

4.4 Change the batteries or recharged as soon as it shines low-battery indicator.

4.5 This device has passed within a comprehensive and extensive testing in the laboratory. Will give you precise indications, clear and reliable about whether the stone which are examined is genuine or fake.

4.6 Future Treasures Company, distributor and manufacturer is responsible for any harm or damage to get the device due to misuse by the customer.


5.1 The head of the probe is highly sensitive and should be handled with caution.

You must get used to the user to deal with the device caution when removing the protective head cover must also re-cover when the device is not in use, and this is to prevent the occurrence of any inaccurate measurements.

5.2 must stop using the device with indicator lights battery power is low so as to prevent the occurrence of any inaccurate readings.