6 and 8 heavy duty


Price: 20000 $    to    40000 $

This selection of 6 and 8 inch heavy duty dredges are "State of the Art" equipment for economy and portability. Large carpeted walkways on the decks can accommodate several divers and provides for ease of access around all working parts of the dredge. The sluice box sets below the surface of the water, reducing out of water lift and increasing suction power.

All models are equipped with a winch leveling system for precise tilt and sluice box adjustment. The double classification sluice design gives you excellent recovery. The first portion of the sluice containing the coarse gold can be cleaned separately without removing the lower riffle system that contains most of the fine gold. The second riffle section is covered with a .5 inch woven wire classification screen that classifies material and keeps large cobbles from entering the fine gold recovery section of the sluice box. The dredge itself is mounted on four modular Marlex flotation modules that provides for superior stability. Dimensions on all models are approximately 120" x 94" x 23" and each dredge comes with 20 feet of suction hose.

These 6 and 8 inch dredges are quite simply superior machines that must be experienced to truly appreciate their recovery capacity.