Price: 28000 $

8140KE and 8140K


The 8140 series is the lightest of all our professional 8 inch dredges. Our compact dredge system is powered by a Kohler Command Pro 1000 40 horsepower engine, is direct mounted to a P1500 pump and features a separate deck mounted 10 gallon gas tank. Equipped with a 263 air compressor in order to provide ample air supply for 2 divers.

This dredge provides extraordinary suction power enabling dredging to depths of 40 feet. The engine pump and compressor package weighs under 200 pounds making it the lightest and quietest engine package available today.

The engine features a 2 year warranty and operates on approximately 1.5 gallons per hour making it one of the most economical 8 inch dredges. The suction system is equipped oversized power jet and twin eductors for maximum suction power and to reduce occurrence of rock jams.

The 8140 series dredges also equipped with a secondary dredge system that can vacuum the concentrates from the sluice box while in operation. The concentrates can then be transported to shore and processed through other separation methods. The ability to clean the sluice box and operate continuously greatly enhances both recovery and productivity. This dredge is one of our newest and most sought after dredges.