Hope Desert


Price: 1490 $

Idea of the device:
Fill the tank with 3 gallons of water and proved clamps battery of 12 volts and turn the device, then start the wheel spinning and begin the process of supply spray water automatically, just that you add the quantity of sand every 20 seconds and Sttersb gold atoms Below The snails seven in the heart of the device captured and moved to the middle and then pass on to the tube and up to the bowl, and this is a very simple process to the degree that you will become an expert after 10 minutes of your business on the device, and in general, the device is easy to use and guaranteed results.

 Uses this type of devices:

1 - sand containing gold.
2 - broken rock that contains pure gold.
3 - rocks containing gold ore.
4 - in the mines, whether new or old.
5 - earths mines.
6 - places where to get rid of gold dust or materials that contain gold and components are destroyed.

 Features and characteristics:

1 - ease of use and speed in work.
2 - Treatment of 16 kg each hour.
3 - the ability to run the device in any place.
4 - 12 volt battery.